New York, New York

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Thankfully the weather wasn’t as hot as Japan. A little bit of relief! My main observation of New York was the food. There’s lots there but a small is a medium, a medium is a large and a large is an extra large! You end up ordering something small and they pile on the food!

Art Deco galore: One of the most beautiful architecture styles (in my opinion) and New York is full of these buildings. Empire State, NBC Studio, Radio City Music Hall, Chrysler Building to name a few.

Times Square: well there was the Naked Cowboy as well as all the broadway shows

Chicago: I decided that whilst in New York, must go to broadway. So went and saw Chicago. I haven’t actually seen it before, have seen the movie before. Verdict? Well I actually thought the musical was much better than the movie. It was interesting the amount of comedy that was actually weaved into it, when the movie version is far more serious.

Art Museums: WOW. MET is huge. I was extremely happy as I got to see works by some artists that I really admire (Hopper, Degas). Seeing the works that I studied in school in real life was humbling. I couldn’t believe how big it is, as well as how long you could spend in there. The Guggenheim wasn’t as good as what I thought it would be. I found it to be a little bit empty in comparison to MET. There was a small single exhibition on Kandinsky which was probably the highlight. The Museum of Modern Art housed a fantastic special exhibit on Dali. I was not a big fan of him to begin with but this exhibition completely changed my opinion.

SOHO: I loved it. The vibe was very much cafe culture, small boutique stores, lots of cool shops, and great places to eat. Spent a long time there. Would love to go back.

Central Park: I wish I had my rollerblades for this leg of the journey. Some people had thought of that, and in the centre of the park there seemed to be a small exhibition happening of people with their blades. One woman looked like she was ice skating such was her skill. It was nice to be surrounded by green for once.

World Trade Centre, Staten Island Ferry, Financial District: Of course fitting that the day we went to see the WTC it was raining. By the time we got there it cleared up slightly so at least we didn’t need to keep running under awnings. You couldn’t really see anything (not that you would probably want to). I just found it interesting that it was previously a place where people came to go up the towers and look out at the city. And now tourists are getting photos taken in front of the rubble.


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