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I sometimes find it difficult to sleep. So at night I listen to my iPod to kind of clear my mind. Not music, but podcasts. The most recent one I have been listening to is the Radio 4 show Banter. Essentially, it’s four comedians discussing their top 3’s to a variety of topics. I thought I’d list one of mine but extend it a little to top 5.

I still love kids books. I have tried to keep as many of my kids books as possible, but there are some that I can’t find anymore. I therefore find myself browsing the kids book section to see if I can find them again.

There are many authors that could have fit this list. Ann M. Martin (The Baby Sitters Club), J.R.R Tolkien (Lord of the Rings, duh), John Marsden (Dear Miffy), David McRobbie (Mandragora), Beatrix Potter (The Adventures of Peter Rabbit), Jacqueline Wilson (Double Act), Gary Crew (The Watertower), Margaret Clark (Care Factor Zero), Morris Gleitzman (Blabbermouth) and , ahh so many, but I can only include top 5. So here we go…

1. Roald Dahl:
A pretty obvious choice. Anyone who can write stories about giants, witches, gifted children, elevators made out of glass and enormous fruit gets a vote from me.

2. Judy Blume:
I was introduced to Judy Blume when I was in year 4 and my teacher got into the habit of reading books to us. She started reading ‘Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing’ and I absolutely loved hearing stories about Fudge. I then discovered her other books and I am sure many women can agree they were great when you were growing up.

3. Paul Jennings:
Probably my favourite Australian author. They even made my favourite Australian TV series ever (Round The Twist) based from his short stories. I got sent a graphic novel of the Round the Twist series from Paul Jennings that was signed … a highlight.

4. J.K. Rowling:
Alright, controversial because she has only written the one series unlike the other authors on my list, but what a series.

5. Diane Bates:
Probably not as well known as the ones above, but when everyone in the school library had borrowed all of the cool books, and I was too slow I had to find something else. I stumbled upon the Grandma Cadbury series, essentially about a Grandma who is still out and about and active, taking her grandson on adventures.

As my mood changes, or different things happen in my life this list will change. That’s what I find fantastic about books, they evoke different memories or feelings at the point in time that you read them. I suppose that is why I have two Australian authors in my list, because they were entwined with my childhood. As Children’s books should…


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