Bright Young Things!

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What an interesting week it has been for all things art deco, roaring twenties, and the bright young things. Namely two interesting television productions airing in 2011,
Underbelly razor and the Phryne Fisher Murder Mystery Series.
Underbelly razor (unlike the previous series) is pure period. It is going to be set in the 1920s and follows the rivalry between Kate Leigh and Tilly Devine (what a name!). An interesting spin on the Underbelly series (given that I haven’t watched any of it, completely put off by it). The old Underbellys look quite dark, very serious. If you push it back to the roaring twenties, surely there would have to be glamour and glitz. This is actually one I want to see.

The other exciting announcement was the production of the Kerry Greenwood book series Phryne Fisher being made into a TV series. Just the other day I was thinking why no one had ever translated it (or the Janet Evanovich books for that matter) into a TV series. It certainly is a departure from the Midsomer Murders, Lewis’, Morses’ of this world. If you’ve ever read the books, it follows a well-to-do titled lady who decides to put her intelligence and quick thinking to good use by solving mysteries. Set in the age of glamour, and given the main character has a penchant for fine things, surely art deco will be at the centre of the series. In any case, I can’t wait to watch it!


Rob Brydon’s small man in a box

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If you haven’t heard it yet, watch it. How does he do it?

You see this is what happens when you’re away

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I left my blog for way too long. You know the usual excuses … I don’t have internet access, I have nothing to write blah blah blah. Slap myself on the wrist. I must keep writing.

For one thing recently there was much snow in London. Not being from London it’s quite a giddy experience watching white stuff fall from the sky as opposed to fat rain drops.

So will start posting again…

Working nine to five

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It’s funny how things work out. When you aren’t working you want to work, when you are you want some time to relax. I will get the time to do a proper post. There are a few things that have happened:
– A month worth of work
– A work Christmas party (first one!)
– cold weather
– moving into a flat! yay

And then of course there is Christmas!

Your own personal annual report

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I love when people use their ‘ninja-nuity’ (thanks to the kids movie the 3 ninjas for that term, i use it all the time). This video was a project submitted by a student that essentially tracked their own personal annual report (what they did in the year). Thanks to Infographics on this one and enjoy.

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