Waving goodbye to Life in the Middle

February 1, 2008 at 11:11 pm | Posted in Blogroll | 1 Comment
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It’s been a week of goodbyes hasn’t it? From a work perspective, we have said goodbye to a beloved member of the team (the irreplaceable James Sowden), Heath Ledger departing and (although this has been the case for probably a month – I am just admitting it) one of my favourite blogs Life in the Middle (Paul Colman). I find it amazing that:

a) I even discovered this blog (written by someone from the UK who I have no professional or personal connection with)

b) that people have blogged about the fact that it is no longer with us The Kaiser Edition blogged about how they have missed it and he posted a response:

“PAUL H. COLMAN Well it’s good to know that four people miss the blog. I don’t want to show off, but my statistics suggest that possibly four times that number actually read it on a daily basis, so the number is sure to be higher, but who’s counting. If I’m honest I miss it too. But what’s done is done. I had nothing much left to say, the tide turned, and I got pulled under. Waving. That’s not to say I won’t start another one day, maybe one day soon. But I’ll hide it away – bury it deep in the internet. So you’ll have to dig to find it, kind of like a treasure hunt (but without the treasure). But for now, I’ll have to leave you – I’m needed at the Spanish embassy.”

I find it fascinating that even now I am blogging about how I miss it. I think from my perspective, when I first did a running dive onto the blog bandwagon, I looked at what everyone else was reading, and added those to my favourite lists. I don’t think Paul’s blog was actually on there. I found it by accident. Incidently, it became one of my favourite blogs. In the realm of work/communications/media/planning etc, there are an incredible amount of blogs out there. Some of colleagues even have some kick ass professional blogs. But I just don’t have the time to read them. I appreciate, am overwhelmed by the level of intelligence and thought put into their posts, but at the end of the day, I am tired and want to read something that will cheer me up, make me laugh and look outside of the realm of work. Paul’s blog certainly catered to that. Although he touched upon work, it was more about the tea, the people, the office, waiting etc. It was more about life in the middle really. And that’s why I loved it. So Kudos to you Paul and your blog will certainly be missed by this mixed lolly and hopefully we get to read your ramblings again some day.


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