A Mad Dash in 48 Hours

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I recently participated in my second 48 hour short film competition, helping out the lovely Cat & Jo, as well as Mooch. It does what it says on the tin, essentially you need to come up with a concept, write a script, shoot and edit a short film in 48 hours all based on a theme that they give you at the start of the stint. The theme this year was ‘War’ or ‘Peace’. The film was called “Make Piece”.

We have been fortunate enough to get our hands on the Canon 5D Mark II. We shot entirely on there, using some in camera sound, but recorded most sound on a separate camera. The 5D is a magnificent camera, pumping out beautiful, crisp, high quality footage, but of course comes with the downside of being 30 frames per second. So we had to deal with that side of things within the 48 Hours as well!

It was freezing cold on the day, we spent the morning out on the beach in Southend-on-sea and then went to a factory. This factory had the most amazing equipment that all had a specific purpose.

Anyway here is the end result. If you are interested.


Where’s Wally?

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I recently participated in the London Friday Night Skate organised Easter bash the Easter Stroll. Essentially, it’s a bunch of rollerbladers who have gathered together and pound the cobblestones of London every Sunday (weather permitting). This one was Easter themed, so naturally they had a wide variety of chickens, lead by the head Chicken. It was a great way to see the city, be part of something incredibly cool and just be able to skate again.

Question is, Where’s Wally?

Thanks to Maximillian_Viking and skate roggie’s flickr images for the above

Hooray for Pocoyo!

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Everyone is a kid at heart, right? Well I like to think so. Particularly with news of credit crunch, global recession, unemployment and plunging house prices it’s nice to be able to escape sometimes. Well at the moment, my piece of escapism, errr immaturity is a fantastic 3D animation by the name of Pocoyo. According to Wikipedia, Pocoyo is a boy … but it’s not exactly obvious. It doesn’t matter anyway. The show is Spanish and is essentially about a curious boy, who discovers new and interesting things, sharing them with us and his friends Lula (the dog), Ellie (the Elephant), Sleepy Bird (the bird that sleeps) and Pato (the Duck).

I love it because:

a) Stephen Fry is the narrator, how cool is that?!

2) the animation is incredibly simple, stark white background, cutesy enlarged headed characters, bright colours

iii) kiddy, baby voices.

It’s just too darn cute. I giggle everytime I watch it. I don’t care that I am in my twenties and enjoy watching it. If it’s good enough for Stephen Fry to narrate it’s certainly good enough to watch.

Hand farting with Volleys – never fails to make me laugh

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There are some TVCs playing in Australia at the moment for Dunlop Volleys and they to me are hilarious. I don’t know why, they appeal to my inner child, and make me giggle and laugh everytime I watch it. It also reminds me of useless talents. Everyone seems to have them, but you can’t really do anything about them. They won’t bring you critical acclaim, you can’t really make any money off it and generally it’s as the term suggests … useless. Well this is where Volleys comes in. A middle aged man, dressed pretty averagely displays incredible skill in playing Pachelbel’s Canon in D, The Can Can and the Mexican hat dance.

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

Some things I didn’t know last year but do now thanks to the BBC

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I love random bits of information that make me go “Oh, I didn’t know that” and the BBC through The Magazine, has posted 100 of these little facts to kick start the new year.

My favourites are:
No. 14 Antony & Cleopatra were ugly

No.34 Kryptonite exists (pictured above)

No. 46 Peanuts can be made into diamonds

No. 50 Left-handed people are called sinistral

No. 55 Books used to be bound in human skin

No. 57 Sleeping on the job is tolerated in Japanese work culture, you just have to remain upright and obey some other rules. The term is Inemuri

No. 88 Deep-voiced men have more children

No. 96 Bees can detect explosives 

So how has 2007 treated you?

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Well, I think I back in October I was already thinking, “Ok, I’ve had enough of 2007, let’s move onto 2008”. For me, the year has just been about transition. It feels like it is the stepping stone to something, more like gearing up to 2008, pretty uneventful but no complaints. I’ve just had enough. 2007 hasn’t been a bad year, for many people I know it has gone ok. There has been quite a few marriages, engagements and such. No one I know died (grateful for that) and people have been plugging along. I moved into my place so I did a bit of growing up in terms of looking after myself, bought a lot of homewares, juggled a mortgage, bills and work so that proved to be a bit of an interesting experience. But all in all it has been quite, well, boring!I say bring on 2008, I cannot wait. I know that there is lots happening just around the corner. If 2007 is the year of change, then 2008 will be the year of fun :)The only thing I have to think of now is, what will be my new years resolution? 

My investigative journalism pieces … *ahem*

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Now that we are approaching Christmas, and I now have a bit more time on my hands … I have decided to begin my investigative journalism pieces. I will need to do some research to kick it off. Essentially, it’s anything in life that I have found interesting, and wanted to know how something worked but never actually did anything about it. My first one will be “How the hell do they get those cranes on the top of skyscrapers?” I have wanted to know this for a long time, but never had the chance to find out. So, if you know the answer to this and want to point me in the right direction, or if you have anything that you want to find out and want me to do the hard yards … let me know. I’m keen! So stay tuned … 

Due South! … Interesting

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My blog is all about finding stuff that I deem interesting, so it is fantastic that a couple of lovely ladies from work are involved in Interesting South. Katie and Nat are joining a cast of people from communications backgrounds to talk about stuff that they find interesting  and inspiring. Okay, before you switch off and think, oh gosh another one of the those darn marketing conferences, this is not going to be one of those events. They have a mix of speakers and topics ranging from:

Tim Noonan, Visionary Communications: Beyond Body Language
Matt Moore: How to make a zombie
Juan Mann, (aka Free Hugs Man): Open arms and open homes
Dan Hill: The well-tempered personal environment
Martin Mischkulnig: Smalltown Australia
Pia van Gelder : Dork-bot
Dr Adrienne Withall Primary Dementia Collaborative Research Centre: What is this thing called Happiness?
Melinda Lawrence:T extile design & Interpretive Dance
John McWhorter: Moose dancing
Lauren Brown: How To Not Feel Like A Twat When Looking at Modern Art
Samantha Graham: Speaking the world into being 
Tim Longhurst:Taking it to the Streets
Dr. Tim Baynes, environmental scientist: It’s NotRocket Surgery
Gavin Heaton: Looking Through the Eyes of a Child
Katie Chatfield:How to Learn a Language
Errol Flanagan, Euro RSCG Sydney : What is Green?
And more!

So check it out on Thursday, 22nd November 2007 From 6pm – 9:30pm Bondi Pavilion Theatre Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi Beach NSW 2026

DIY LEGO to celebrate building blocks for 75 years

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LEGO celebrates it’s 75th anniversary, can you believe it? Something so simple as building blocks has remained in the market and remained memorable for that long. Well what a better way to celebrate it’s versatility and ability to spark the imagination than to build a whole range of different products that use LEGO. DIY Life have taken this to a new level. They have built 23 items that ALL WORK including:

1. LEGO Guitar Hero controller
2. LEGO real guitar
3. LEGO USB flash drive
4. LEGO dog treat dispenser via IM message
5. LEGO trebuchet
6. LEGO USB crank charger
7. LEGO air conditioner
8. LEGO barcode scanner
9. LEGO ultrasonic sonar
10. LEGO Rubik’s cube
11. LEGO difference engine
12. LEGO yarn winder
13. LEGO NES case mod
14. LEGO SNEX mod
15. LEGO Han Solo in carbonite
16. LEGO desk
17. LEGO MP3 player docks
18. LEGO MP3 player
19. LEGO salt and pepper shakers
20. LEGO rubber band gun
21. LEGO computer case
22. LEGO stop-action music videos
23. LEGO construction software

Seriously cool video clip

July 20, 2007 at 2:54 pm | Posted in Design, fun, music video, video | 1 Comment

There are some clips that you watch that make you go WOW. That keep you entertained for the whole clip. You are gripped. This video clip is fantastic. It’s by zZz. Thanks to Infosthetics for blogging about it. It’s a one take, one shot music video which had professional gymnasts who performed typical design/film/video editing effects. I am sure all of the editors watching will be going “COOOL!”. It was recorded in front of a live audience as part of the opening of the Stedelijik museum, and that audience watched the whole shoot. Although that is pretty disappointing because as an audience member you w0uld want to look at it from above rather than at trampoline level.

 PS they could only do it in one take!

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