The first Banksy of the season?

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It’s been a week of firsts. First snow, first cold snap and first Banksy. Too this close to soho. Need to keep my eyes peeled now to find some more. Apparently this one is fresh. And limited time offer too.


The first snow of the season?

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Look everyone snow!! My first snow, well I have been to Perisher in NSW, but snow in the backyard. Crazy! I can’t wait to see more. The cold snap has hit. And whilst my family is baking in the sun, I am rugging up for the winter.

It’s October, it’s not Christmas yet!

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I was rolling past some high street department stores and saw this. The clocks went back on Saturday so it’s now dark (this was taken at 5pm by the way). So the lights were on. Not just any lights, Christmas lights! It’s October! Ok it does look pretty, and I actually managed to get a double decker in there as well.

The first white Christmas approaches for me! To quote the late Big Kev, I’m excited!

Hooray for Pocoyo!

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Everyone is a kid at heart, right? Well I like to think so. Particularly with news of credit crunch, global recession, unemployment and plunging house prices it’s nice to be able to escape sometimes. Well at the moment, my piece of escapism, errr immaturity is a fantastic 3D animation by the name of Pocoyo. According to Wikipedia, Pocoyo is a boy … but it’s not exactly obvious. It doesn’t matter anyway. The show is Spanish and is essentially about a curious boy, who discovers new and interesting things, sharing them with us and his friends Lula (the dog), Ellie (the Elephant), Sleepy Bird (the bird that sleeps) and Pato (the Duck).

I love it because:

a) Stephen Fry is the narrator, how cool is that?!

2) the animation is incredibly simple, stark white background, cutesy enlarged headed characters, bright colours

iii) kiddy, baby voices.

It’s just too darn cute. I giggle everytime I watch it. I don’t care that I am in my twenties and enjoy watching it. If it’s good enough for Stephen Fry to narrate it’s certainly good enough to watch.

Neglect, Neglect!

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My blog is crying neglect. I have a few observations and things that interest me at the moment and will blog about them. They will mainly be about ol’ London town and my adventures.

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