Showing you care with Pangea Day

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I got introduced to TED through the lovely Get Shouty, and now love him. TED has recently sent an email to invite people to become involved with Pangea Day which is happening across the globe. Pangea Day is using film to inspire people. Celebrating life, demonstrating compassion and strengthening tolerance. 24 short films from thousands of submissions will be screened across the world. The program will be broadcast across the net, TV, live events and mobile. It will probably be one of the biggest (broadcasted) short film festivals of the year.

I’ll be tuning in to see what it’s all about. As a teaser for this event, they released some videos that show countries singing other countries’ national anthems. An example closer to home they’ve got a video of Australians singing the Lebanese national anthem.




Who’s obsessed with Skins, c’mon hands up!

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I hated Dawson’s Creek. I think I must have been one of the only people in my grade who did. C’mon twenty-somethings playing teens? Then talking the way they did? Geez. When I heard about the show Skins I was very skeptical. Another Dawson’s Creek? But thank you someone has done it right. A great cast, great storylines (if not hyper reality), great music and great humour (it’s from the UK so it’s bound to be funny). If you’re like me and you live in Australia, we just got the first series through SBS in Jan, just wondering when they are going to play the second series! I feel slightly old watching it though (a twenty something watching a show about teens).

If you’ve never watched it, or heard of it it’s essentially a group of friends who attend college in Bristol so all 16/17/18 year olds. It’s about them growing up, their relationships, juggling school with friends and family. What I love about it, is the fact that the writers/creators have taken risks. I am not going to spoil it, but essentially they kill off a main character in season 2 and not just any character, a character who is loved as well. They also have made the choice to completely change the cast for series 3. That’s pretty brave, but also logical. The second series ends with them all going their separate ways (as you do after you finish school), so there’s really no reason to continue with this current cast. But given that you grow attached to them it’s definitely brave to cut that off.

What I also love is that they are all over the net. You’ll find them on youtube (where E4 hasn’t become a broadcaster and yanked it off), they have their own myspace page, bebo, facebook, dailymotion, they have filmed scenes that aren’t shown on air just on the net (Unseen Skins), they’ve got their own podcast and even filmed some scenes that were tagged as the Lost Weeks to fill in the gap between season 1 and 2 and they even do Skins parties (quite funny considering all the anger over in Oz about the Corey party incident!)

So if you’re in Oz, I would say head on over to youtube to check it out because who knows when it’s going to be shown here! Here’s a taster … Onto series three for me!

Series 1 preview

Series 2 preview

Vampire Weekend A-Punk

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I was watching a music video show the other week (I won’t name names, I is too ashamed), and they showed the latest video from Jared Leto’s band Thirty Seconds to Mars, and my gosh, they certainly didn’t spare any expense. It looked like a really expensive clip. And I found myself thinking …  was it really worth it? I don’t know if it made the song any greater. I suppose the most interesting part was straight after this song they played a clip by Vampire Weekend called A-Punk. They obviously haven’t spent a great deal of money, looks like one set, one shot, just some costume changes etc, but it is fantastic. I absolutely love it. This clip just makes me smile.

If you watch the above, watch the drummers they are hilarious!

Mark Watson 24 Hour Comedy Show

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Is the man crazy? 24 hour show? You’re kidding. Nope not kidding, it’s really happening. Mark Watson has done a couple of them (in Edinburgh and Melbourne), and he’s doing another one for this years Melbourne Comedy show. I am currently tuned in with less than 3 hours to go! So far the highlights have been Adam Hills losing to a 13 year old in the Guitar Hero Challenge, people getting naked quite frequently, a quilt with every country of the world on there and many guest appearances by many comedians (and a recent Australian Idol winner)

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