Possibly the best advertisment for the iPad

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Seriously cool video clip

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There are some clips that you watch that make you go WOW. That keep you entertained for the whole clip. You are gripped. This video clip is fantastic. It’s by zZz. Thanks to Infosthetics for blogging about it. It’s a one take, one shot music video which had professional gymnasts who performed typical design/film/video editing effects. I am sure all of the editors watching will be going “COOOL!”. It was recorded in front of a live audience as part of the opening of the Stedelijik museum, and that audience watched the whole shoot. Although that is pretty disappointing because as an audience member you w0uld want to look at it from above rather than at trampoline level.

 PS they could only do it in one take!

Happiness in design

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I was recently on the TED website (I am a recent convert) and saw a talk done by Stefan Sagmeister. He’s a designer (although that’s putting it lightly) and has taken it upon himself to look at what makes him happy. Particularly in design. He showed a series of images that were done by an artist called ‘True’ that we actually stickers that replaced all of those information style stickers that you always find in subways. We have them here in Sydney, and he mentioned that people don’t really pay attention to them unless they are bored. So when their eyes rested on these stickers, it took them a moment before they actually realised that they were different.

PS True is his alter-ego.

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