Black Books: For wine education

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One of the best episodes of Black Books ever. Bernard and Manny discuss the finer points to tasting wine.    


The history of War told through a Food Fight

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This great short film by Stefan Nadelman and Tourist Pictures is a stop motion animation depicting an American centric history of war. Told through a Food Fight. I spent the entire film guessing what the different points in history were, and what countries the food represented (not too good with my American History).  Luckily they have a cheat sheet.

Any guess which country this food represents?


No wait, Russell Howard also dressed up as a French Maid

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Ok, this has made me put my hands over my mouth, laugh and giggle. What fun.

Jon Richardson dressed up as an air hostess

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Alright, so I post crap on here all the time. I have previously reported on the forfeits that the Russell Howard and Jon Richardson show have put in place when either loses the news quiz (a regular feature with true and false questions). Well for once Jon lost! So his forfeit was to dress as a woman. Here he is looking beautiful as an air hostess. Personally I think he looks like he’s in a marching band or one of those monkeys with the cymbals.


What do you do if you’re middle of the road?

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I’ve been listening to a lot of music and watching the Aussie version of So You Think You Can Dance, and you hear about all of the ‘sob’ stories from the dancers, and I was just thinking about the fact that the reason I am not a painter, a writer or a singer/song writer. I have come from an average household (we weren’t poor, nor were we rich), from an average family (parents who occassionally fought but that was about it), achieved average results at school (wasn’t the top of the class, but wasn’t at the bottom either) and went to university (getting a credit average), so my path in life hasn’t really leant itself to being frought with anguish, despair and given me that emotional gravitas that seems to drive a lot of artists. I don’t know what I would write about! What I had for dinner the night before? The train trip into work? Having to line up in the supermarket while someone in front of me gets a price check on an item? Mediocrity a blessing or a curse?

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