It’s October, it’s not Christmas yet!

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I was rolling past some high street department stores and saw this. The clocks went back on Saturday so it’s now dark (this was taken at 5pm by the way). So the lights were on. Not just any lights, Christmas lights! It’s October! Ok it does look pretty, and I actually managed to get a double decker in there as well.

The first white Christmas approaches for me! To quote the late Big Kev, I’m excited!


Mind controlling parasites!

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I really wanted to post this. It’s a bit like a car crash. You don’t really want to watch it but then you can’t look away! What actually happens is quite disgusting, but the result does look like pieces of art! 

Some things I didn’t know last year but do now thanks to the BBC

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I love random bits of information that make me go “Oh, I didn’t know that” and the BBC through The Magazine, has posted 100 of these little facts to kick start the new year.

My favourites are:
No. 14 Antony & Cleopatra were ugly

No.34 Kryptonite exists (pictured above)

No. 46 Peanuts can be made into diamonds

No. 50 Left-handed people are called sinistral

No. 55 Books used to be bound in human skin

No. 57 Sleeping on the job is tolerated in Japanese work culture, you just have to remain upright and obey some other rules. The term is Inemuri

No. 88 Deep-voiced men have more children

No. 96 Bees can detect explosives 

My Arch nemesis

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I have just worked it out. It has taken me years to finally realise and understand. My one true enemy in the world, my arch nemesis are in fact  lids. Lids on jars, water bottles, bins, perfumes … whatever, it doesn’t matter, they are all out there to make me look weak!

If it only happened on one occasion I wouldn’t think twice, but unfortunately it is an everyday occurrence. My most recent encounter:

It was a bright and sunny day, in fact hitting the dial at 30 degrees, and I was walking down the street when my sister stopped and asked, “thirsty?” I thought about it for a moment, then realised I actually was. There was a shop just further down the street and we thought that we could just buy some water from there. Stepping into the takeaway shop I had no idea what I was in for. I opened the fridge door. My hand hovered over the iced teas but decided to stay true and I picked up a bottle of water. I paid $2.20 to the shop keep and walked out with my sister (who had in fact bought an iced tea AND a bottle of water).

It was not until we had walked a bit of a distance back up the street that I decided to open the bottle. I went for the lid, got some purchase and twisted. Nothing happened. I repeated the gesture. Nothing! Dammit! I gave the bottle to my sister to have a go. She even struggled. What’s going on? This water clearly does not want to be drunk. I made the choice to go back to the shop and ask someone there to open it. I walked back in, said to the tiny Asian woman behind the counter, “I just can’t open it!” I held up the offending bottle. She looked from the bottle, to me. She gestured to the bottle. I handed it over and in one movement opened the bottle quick as a flash. She made it look so easy. She then handed it back over, and gave me the look that said “Geez, you’re pathetic”. I just shrugged and said I couldn’t open it.

I walked out the shop, and swore at the bottle. Foiled again!

I’m a pedestrian…I have rights you know!

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On Monday morning (a lovely way to start the day), I was almost run over. Let me paint the picture. I was skipping along down Mary St in Surry Hills, listening to my iPod (not too loud…I can still hear everything), and getting ready for another week at the office. I was crossing Reservoir St, and was 80% across the street, a car turned right onto this Reservoir street and it was only until he was an arm’s length away from me did he take any notice and put on the breaks. I had to use all my experience from school athletic carnivals and do a long jump to the curb.

Now there are a number of things here. I was wearing black, fair enough it would have been hard to see me. He was wearing sun glasses. It was a cross junction. I would have been fine with all of this, had he not said the one thing that really set me off. After all of that he had the nerve to say to me “Watch where you’re going!”. I came back with the incredibly witty, and intelligent, “Why don’t you f**king watch, where you’re f**king going?!” It’s times like these I wish that I had my phone out, took a photo of his car, and posted it here. That’s why I love You Pissed Me off you Bastard.

I think the scary thing is, that his first thought wasn’t “Oh crap I almost killed someone”, it was “that person was crossing the street, and I am in a car so it’s not my fault”. That is what really annoys me and also reinforces the whole speed zone thing. As much as I love driving, and driving fast, if he was going any faster, he would have surely hit me and who knows what would have happened.

 Anyway enough of this heavy stuff! Let’s have some fun! Noodles, comedy, laughing, pigeons and bright colours.

Facebook etiquette

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A colleague of mine pointed something out that I found to be quite a conundrum, or perhaps more of a minor dilemma. On Facebook *ahem* stalkerbook (in the nicest possible way), what happens when someone changes a piece of their personal information, so that everyone in their Facebook network can see it? I am referring more to the changing of their relationship status…In her situation, someone married became single. In mine, someone single is no longer. What do you do? Particularly in the case of the former married. Do you wait for them to say something to you? Or do you send a message “I see your relationship status has changed”. And what a way to find out news. That it gets announced on Facebook before you get told by the actual person.

It made me actually think about my own network, and what information I am willing to actually share with them. Is that really the best way to find out about news, will we lose that more personal touch, or is it great, because we are still keeping tabs on people whom we would hear news of through the grape vine anyway.

I mean in both cases, I think my colleague and I would agree that we would have found out eventually, it’s just strange now that personal news can be broadcast so instantaneously.

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