The top secret drum Corps

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Ok, this is pretty sad, but a year ago (or maybe it was a couple), I watched the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. Don’t ask me why, I was bored. Yes that’s right, that’s the reason, I was bored. Anyway, I was watching with a glazed look on my face, when a changeover happened and in walked a group called the Top Secret Drum Corps. The fact that it said ‘top secret’ got me to wake up. The group comes from Basel Switzerland, and consists of 25 drummers and flag twirlers. You think drumming, there’s nothing special about that, but the drummers play at an incredible rate, 500 beats per second!Check out the below, I am in awe and take my hat off to these guys.  


Hand farting with Volleys – never fails to make me laugh

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There are some TVCs playing in Australia at the moment for Dunlop Volleys and they to me are hilarious. I don’t know why, they appeal to my inner child, and make me giggle and laugh everytime I watch it. It also reminds me of useless talents. Everyone seems to have them, but you can’t really do anything about them. They won’t bring you critical acclaim, you can’t really make any money off it and generally it’s as the term suggests … useless. Well this is where Volleys comes in. A middle aged man, dressed pretty averagely displays incredible skill in playing Pachelbel’s Canon in D, The Can Can and the Mexican hat dance.

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

Some things I didn’t know last year but do now thanks to the BBC

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I love random bits of information that make me go “Oh, I didn’t know that” and the BBC through The Magazine, has posted 100 of these little facts to kick start the new year.

My favourites are:
No. 14 Antony & Cleopatra were ugly

No.34 Kryptonite exists (pictured above)

No. 46 Peanuts can be made into diamonds

No. 50 Left-handed people are called sinistral

No. 55 Books used to be bound in human skin

No. 57 Sleeping on the job is tolerated in Japanese work culture, you just have to remain upright and obey some other rules. The term is Inemuri

No. 88 Deep-voiced men have more children

No. 96 Bees can detect explosives 

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