So how has 2007 treated you?

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Well, I think I back in October I was already thinking, “Ok, I’ve had enough of 2007, let’s move onto 2008”. For me, the year has just been about transition. It feels like it is the stepping stone to something, more like gearing up to 2008, pretty uneventful but no complaints. I’ve just had enough. 2007 hasn’t been a bad year, for many people I know it has gone ok. There has been quite a few marriages, engagements and such. No one I know died (grateful for that) and people have been plugging along. I moved into my place so I did a bit of growing up in terms of looking after myself, bought a lot of homewares, juggled a mortgage, bills and work so that proved to be a bit of an interesting experience. But all in all it has been quite, well, boring!I say bring on 2008, I cannot wait. I know that there is lots happening just around the corner. If 2007 is the year of change, then 2008 will be the year of fun :)The only thing I have to think of now is, what will be my new years resolution? 


My investigative journalism pieces … *ahem*

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Now that we are approaching Christmas, and I now have a bit more time on my hands … I have decided to begin my investigative journalism pieces. I will need to do some research to kick it off. Essentially, it’s anything in life that I have found interesting, and wanted to know how something worked but never actually did anything about it. My first one will be “How the hell do they get those cranes on the top of skyscrapers?” I have wanted to know this for a long time, but never had the chance to find out. So, if you know the answer to this and want to point me in the right direction, or if you have anything that you want to find out and want me to do the hard yards … let me know. I’m keen! So stay tuned … 

My Arch nemesis

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I have just worked it out. It has taken me years to finally realise and understand. My one true enemy in the world, my arch nemesis are in fact  lids. Lids on jars, water bottles, bins, perfumes … whatever, it doesn’t matter, they are all out there to make me look weak!

If it only happened on one occasion I wouldn’t think twice, but unfortunately it is an everyday occurrence. My most recent encounter:

It was a bright and sunny day, in fact hitting the dial at 30 degrees, and I was walking down the street when my sister stopped and asked, “thirsty?” I thought about it for a moment, then realised I actually was. There was a shop just further down the street and we thought that we could just buy some water from there. Stepping into the takeaway shop I had no idea what I was in for. I opened the fridge door. My hand hovered over the iced teas but decided to stay true and I picked up a bottle of water. I paid $2.20 to the shop keep and walked out with my sister (who had in fact bought an iced tea AND a bottle of water).

It was not until we had walked a bit of a distance back up the street that I decided to open the bottle. I went for the lid, got some purchase and twisted. Nothing happened. I repeated the gesture. Nothing! Dammit! I gave the bottle to my sister to have a go. She even struggled. What’s going on? This water clearly does not want to be drunk. I made the choice to go back to the shop and ask someone there to open it. I walked back in, said to the tiny Asian woman behind the counter, “I just can’t open it!” I held up the offending bottle. She looked from the bottle, to me. She gestured to the bottle. I handed it over and in one movement opened the bottle quick as a flash. She made it look so easy. She then handed it back over, and gave me the look that said “Geez, you’re pathetic”. I just shrugged and said I couldn’t open it.

I walked out the shop, and swore at the bottle. Foiled again!

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