Lo’s Noodle Factory – Why didn’t anyone tell me sooner?

June 18, 2009 at 11:42 pm | Posted in Food | Leave a comment
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I am huge fan of noodles.

I visited a Ramen museum in ShinYokohama, Japan. I am a facebook fan of the famous ‘Chinese Noodle Restaurant‘ in Sydney. Being in the UK, it is difficult to get fresh asian ingredients. When I was in Australia, I just had to go to my local shops and I could pick up my favourite rice noodles ‘Ho-Fun’. The only place I have managed to find them in London is pretty much in Chinatown. Not only that but it costs £2 for a small packet. I used to pay AUS$2 for 1kg worth.
I stumbled upon Lo’s Noodle Factory yesterday and my gosh. It’s fantastic! You go through a side alley off Wardour Street, and walk into what looks like some strange butcher. It has a conveyer belt that has rows and rows of rice noodles all lined up. I didn’t quite know where to look. Rice noodles everywhere. I’m getting quite giddy thinking about it. They are open to the public and it cost me £1 for a big pack. So I am a bit put out by the fact that I didn’t discover this place sooner.


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