I’m a pedestrian…I have rights you know!

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On Monday morning (a lovely way to start the day), I was almost run over. Let me paint the picture. I was skipping along down Mary St in Surry Hills, listening to my iPod (not too loud…I can still hear everything), and getting ready for another week at the office. I was crossing Reservoir St, and was 80% across the street, a car turned right onto this Reservoir street and it was only until he was an arm’s length away from me did he take any notice and put on the breaks. I had to use all my experience from school athletic carnivals and do a long jump to the curb.

Now there are a number of things here. I was wearing black, fair enough it would have been hard to see me. He was wearing sun glasses. It was a cross junction. I would have been fine with all of this, had he not said the one thing that really set me off. After all of that he had the nerve to say to me “Watch where you’re going!”. I came back with the incredibly witty, and intelligent, “Why don’t you f**king watch, where you’re f**king going?!” It’s times like these I wish that I had my phone out, took a photo of his car, and posted it here. That’s why I love You Pissed Me off you Bastard.

I think the scary thing is, that his first thought wasn’t “Oh crap I almost killed someone”, it was “that person was crossing the street, and I am in a car so it’s not my fault”. That is what really annoys me and also reinforces the whole speed zone thing. As much as I love driving, and driving fast, if he was going any faster, he would have surely hit me and who knows what would have happened.

 Anyway enough of this heavy stuff! Let’s have some fun! Noodles, comedy, laughing, pigeons and bright colours.


I am officially Crap at the Environment

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 I am looking to release my inner hippie. It’s quite funny, up until now I haven’t really been interested, or looking to actively do anything about the environment. It’s not like I don’t care. I do. I recycle my paper, I turn off the lights, I even dig trees (not literally) but for some reason nothing has really gotten me to actually actively take an interest. Until Now! One of my favourite comedians has begun a movement for people like me. Mark Watson (of Mock the Week fame, of Rove Live fame, of the Melbourne Comedy Festival fame), has set up a group called “Crap at the Environment” or CATE for short. It’s for people who are concerned about the environment, and climate change, but until now have been “completely or fairly shit at doing anything about it”.

What I love about this movement, is that he is taking a different approach to driving forward a serious matter. It has struck a chord with me, through keeping it light hearted, fun, interesting and NOT BORING! Trying to heal the world through laughter…of sorts.

Like a social movement on ADD, they are trying to keep momentum going by doing a number of different things in order to maintain interest. Blogs, events, stunts, personal experiments and so forth. Myspace page, Facebook, Livejournal and website. All with the aim to keep it FUN! He is also participating in a 3 day seminar while he is in Australia with Al Gore, on climate change to gain a better understanding of climate change and why it is so important. He has also offset his flight by buying carbon credits. He has highlighted his concerns about this barter system, and I tend to agree. I am not 100% convinced that buying carbon credits is a way to save the world. It seems like paying for your excess, and not changing your behaviour, just paying to make your conscience feel better. Additionally, with any of these schemes, you don’t actually know what you are paying for. When you buy carbon credits, what does that mean? Mark mentions that it goes towards research on global warming, but that money won’t be spent now. And how do you know it is actually been put to use? I think it would be better to plant a whole lot of trees, or actively donating money to charities.

Currently CATE are undertaking or have undertaken the following projects:

The Trash Bash (using recycled instruments to create a production)
– Pimp my Patch (you get to adopt a plant!)
Green Feet (29th June 2007, a disco full of comedy and burlesque to raise money for CATE, including the wearing of recycled clothes)
– Mark Watson’s 24 hour jamboree to Save the Planet (Edinburgh, 14th August 2007 a day-long show with an environmental theme)
– they’ve also set up weekly challenges that they are encouraging people to take up

Mark will be going around Sydney on the 25th September filming a pilot for a TV show (believed to be on the subject), and is encouraging any Sydney siders to come along and join in. He is releasing details soon, and I am going to try to be part of the festivities. So I will report back once back I find out more info (if he puts it up on his myspace) and tag along.

On the hunt for the perfect chair

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I have had a bad case of neglect. I have neglected my blog and am paying the price! The main reason (besides work), has been the fact that I am going to be moving (temporarily) into an apartment I acquired. So I have found myself become unwittingly obsessed with homewares. I am not one to dwell on the perfect frying pan, but have found myself of late attempting to do so.

As part of this, I have become obsessed with finding the perfect chair. I am trying to find a chair called a chair and a half. It reminds me of a chair that I imagine would be in Alice and Wonderland. A big chair, where if you sat on it with your back against the back, your legs would be horizontal and your feet would just hang off the end. It’s just a big comfort chair, and would be the ideal place to just sit and read. The last time I saw one, was in the movie The Aristocrats. One of the female comedians was curled up on one.

It seems a lot of furniture stores are going down the plastic, minimalist path where they are just too damn uncomfortable to sit on. So I will not rest until I find the perfect chair.

If you know the chair I am talking about… tell me where I can find it!

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