My blog is rated G

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Well apparently my blog is G rated. Apparently i only swear once and that’s to say bastard…oops that 2 times now. So maybe I will be up to PG. If you want to rate your blog go here: Mingle2. I think my goal should be to get it up to an M rating or something.


Gamer Revolution

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I have been neglecting my blog because I’ve been busy, and have been focusing my attention to facebook. My Bad! However, I am currently watching a program on the ABC called Gamer Revolution which essentially discusses all of the trends that are emerging in the digital game market.

They focused on one game that was developed by the US army. It’s called America’s Army. The army approached game developers to make this game rather than employing a creative or digital agency. Their aim was to recruit the youth market, particularly deliberately attracting the digital gamers/youth to the army through the creation of a digital game with direct link to recruitment. So the people are playing the game, and enjoying the experience, and they are one click away from finding more information/registering interest.

The game is available through free download at the site. I suppose the concern is the fact that people are playing these games, and people are signing up for the army without possibly conceiving how different the virtual experience is to the realities of real life and the consequences associated with all of the actions that are made. If you die you can’t restart the level…unless of course there’s something people aren’t telling me.

From a brand perspective, this game development is a natural fit between the army and “shooting/simulation” based games. I was actually surprised that it hadn’t been done before, or that it hadn’t been implemented by other military forces. It just seemed like an obvious link to attract a younger market. It was noted that the America’s Army game has been downloaded more than 7 mil times, resulting in the US army meeting their recruitment goals. Out of all brands that have been involved in games development and partnership, the US army is the single biggest partner in the game industry in US.


It’s a social networking bonanza!

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I have been invited to join so many social groups now I feel like I have multiple split personalities. I am not sure how I am going to keep up updating them! I have:

Face Book
MSN Messenger

I wonder if it is a case of joining as many as possible. And then weeding out the ones that I don’t find useful.

What to do. Anyone got anymore?

The Pessimist’s Mug

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How great is this. Too many objects cater for the optimist. We’re missing out on an opportunity here! You can buy it through Despair Inc

Real Life Tetris

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My sister pointed me to this video. What great fun. It was posted on an online community. Just one word to describe this really. HILARIOUS. I mean just completely random. Too bad they didn’t put the actual tetris music over the top.

HP Live chat – customer support

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I am looking to buy a laptop through work, and don’t actually really know what I want. I know I want something that can handle video editing. And a lot of it. So I wanted something great! But of course it’s a laptop not a desktop. Anyway, I went to the HP site as we can get these at a discount, and while I was browsing the above live chat screens popped up. I was very interested and clicked Yes/Go to open up the chat. But when it opened up I freaked out! So I closed it again. It was only until a couple of minutes later that I realised I could benefit from chatting to someone. It was only then that I realised you can’t actually activate that function yourself. So I had to go back and retrace my steps in order to make that screen pop up again. I think it has to do with how much time you spend browsing on the site.

Anyway when I did activate it, it was great. They helped me out quite a bit, but they asked quite tecchie questions so I wonder what someone who doesn’t know much about computers would answer.

I think it was poor that they didn’t allow for people to initiate the chat function themselves. And that it only pops up on certain occassions.

BTW after I ‘chatted’ with them I went exploring again on the site. Even though they recommended a specific model, I still don’t know if that’s the one I want..

Maker Faire 2007

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I am not sure if anyone else has come across this blog or the Maker Faire but it is genius. Literaly. It’s a fair that basically celebrates anything creative that is made. I love this computer that someone has made. I think it would probably work better than the one that I am currently typing on…Look even snacks!! Pretzels!

The obsessive compulsive doll

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I was listening to the Russell Howard and Jon Richardson radio show on BBC 6music on Sunday nite and they were talking about an action figure called the OCD figure. I was so perplexed I had to google it. It does exist and he comes with a surgical mask, and a sanitary, hypo-allergenic moist towelette to apparently clean the doll once you’ve finished with it.


Midsomer Murders…my guilty pleasure

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Everyone has them. A show that they watch that they don’t really want to admit. I have a whole list of them. I don’t really know why I am embarrassed by the fact that I really love to watch these shows. I guess it’s because I know no one else who¬†really watches them… Take The Bill. I don’t know anyone EVER who has said that they love that show. But it’s still on air! At one point on two networks, and on cable. Someone has to be watching it!

My favourite show at the moment is¬†Midsomer Murders. I love the fact that it’s not exactly serious. There are funny moments, the main characters have a wicked sense of humour, and the play between them is great. I think the part that I love the most is the killing scenes. Now wait… let me explain it’s not what you think. I find them hilarious! The set up is great. You have the murderer, with a cloak/trench coat holding a knife/hook/blunt instrument in the air for about 5 mins (slight exaggeration), then you have the victim (they always know the murderer) who sees the weapon, and stands there and screams for another 5 mins (another slight exaggeration) before the weapon is even in sight. Now in real life we all would have piss bolted by then, or at least looked for some form of self defense. But noooo.

But that’s what is great about it. It is absurd, it is silly but it’s great. And I love it.

On another note. I just typed blogs into Microsoft Word and it did the little squiggly underline to suggest a spelling mistake. The word it wanted me to correct it with was BOGS! Classic.

I’m yesterday’s news

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about gen x,y,z and since then work has put in place its first phase of introducing new talent. And we had Sarina join us (who is 22), and therefore now will be representin’ the youth of today… abit of pressure off me now!

Case in point, Nathan sent an email with the disguised intention of finding out what song we would sing for a karaoke night, we had a few old school songs, Ice Ice Baby, Michael Bolton etc. Mine was Raindrops keep falling on my head (I can’t help thinking of the Simpsons) and Sarina’s song was Glamorous by Fergie! How Gen Y is that!

Starting to feel a bit old now!

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