Artists residency…in Second Life?

May 31, 2007 at 1:40 am | Posted in art, virtual worlds | 1 Comment

It appears that the Australian government has recognised virtual worlds recently with quite a bold move. The Australian Council for the Arts are offering funding (to the tune of $20,000) for artist residency within Second Life. They are offering Australian artists (writers, musician/sound artists and digital visual media practioners) to develop work in Second Life.

They have been slightly vague with what the residency requires in the world, but it would be inter-world art. I suppose if you can get artist residency in the real world, then why not get residency in Second Life. If Second Life is meant to mirror a heightend version of real life then it makes sense. Although, whether it is real dollars or Linden Dollars.

I wonder whether Second Life approached the government, or vice versa, and how they are getting paid. Additionally, I am not sure whether they are trying to encourage a new art community into Second Life. There is no stipulation of whether the applicant needs to be familiar with Second Life or virtual worlds. It reminds of the situation of when you are a supporter for a long time, and you’re one of the first people to buy their latest album, and then they release a special edition. For all those artists in residents already, I wonder if you can apply for funding.

Is the benefit to the artist in residency or to Second Life…

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