Where is our River Cottage?

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When I was in the UK, I became more aware of what I was eating and where it came from thanks to River Cottage. They stand for sustainability, organic and free-range produce and they don’t push vegetarianism. In fact they talk more about treating the animal with respect which means using the whole animal, rather than just the typical cuts. I began buying organic veg and meat and cooking as much as I could at home rather than eating out. My sister even grew some chili (she doesn’t even like it). The River Cottage tv show even dedicated a whole program to strawberries. Any show that can do that has my vote.

I was absolutely impressed by the landshare initiative that they started. What a brilliant idea, not only to make best use of the land that is not being used, to cut down on costs by growing your own veg but also to meet new people. Had I been there a little longer I would have signed up for it (when I go back I will do). If you’re not aware of landshare, it’s an initiative to connect landowners who have land to spare and are not using it to growers who don’t have any land but want to grow/plant fruit, veg and trees. So far they have got 48,000 members and are still growing.

I was recently on the River Cottage website and discovered another initiative that they are promoting. It’s the River Cottage Instant Veg Patch. It’s a bit like a grow your own starter kit. They send you a box with instructions, full of baby plants (rocket, lettuce, green beans, kale, zucchini,  potatoes, tomatoes, peas, basil, parsley, beans) and you just plant away. What a brilliant idea.


Lo’s Noodle Factory – Why didn’t anyone tell me sooner?

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I am huge fan of noodles.

I visited a Ramen museum in ShinYokohama, Japan. I am a facebook fan of the famous ‘Chinese Noodle Restaurant‘ in Sydney. Being in the UK, it is difficult to get fresh asian ingredients. When I was in Australia, I just had to go to my local shops and I could pick up my favourite rice noodles ‘Ho-Fun’. The only place I have managed to find them in London is pretty much in Chinatown. Not only that but it costs £2 for a small packet. I used to pay AUS$2 for 1kg worth.
I stumbled upon Lo’s Noodle Factory yesterday and my gosh. It’s fantastic! You go through a side alley off Wardour Street, and walk into what looks like some strange butcher. It has a conveyer belt that has rows and rows of rice noodles all lined up. I didn’t quite know where to look. Rice noodles everywhere. I’m getting quite giddy thinking about it. They are open to the public and it cost me £1 for a big pack. So I am a bit put out by the fact that I didn’t discover this place sooner.

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