Demetri Martin – person tour

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I have posted about this guy before, but I needed to share the genius that is Demetri Martin once again. He is awkward, yet innovative. Check out the rest of his Person tour on youtube.


when your iPod gives you a musical hug

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Don’t you just love those moments when you are walking down the street, perhaps you are having a bad day, and then all of a sudden your iPod plays a song that is unexpected. It’s always a song that you don’t remember putting on there…and it makes you feel a lot better.

Facebook etiquette

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A colleague of mine pointed something out that I found to be quite a conundrum, or perhaps more of a minor dilemma. On Facebook *ahem* stalkerbook (in the nicest possible way), what happens when someone changes a piece of their personal information, so that everyone in their Facebook network can see it? I am referring more to the changing of their relationship status…In her situation, someone married became single. In mine, someone single is no longer. What do you do? Particularly in the case of the former married. Do you wait for them to say something to you? Or do you send a message “I see your relationship status has changed”. And what a way to find out news. That it gets announced on Facebook before you get told by the actual person.

It made me actually think about my own network, and what information I am willing to actually share with them. Is that really the best way to find out about news, will we lose that more personal touch, or is it great, because we are still keeping tabs on people whom we would hear news of through the grape vine anyway.

I mean in both cases, I think my colleague and I would agree that we would have found out eventually, it’s just strange now that personal news can be broadcast so instantaneously.

DIY LEGO to celebrate building blocks for 75 years

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LEGO celebrates it’s 75th anniversary, can you believe it? Something so simple as building blocks has remained in the market and remained memorable for that long. Well what a better way to celebrate it’s versatility and ability to spark the imagination than to build a whole range of different products that use LEGO. DIY Life have taken this to a new level. They have built 23 items that ALL WORK including:

1. LEGO Guitar Hero controller
2. LEGO real guitar
3. LEGO USB flash drive
4. LEGO dog treat dispenser via IM message
5. LEGO trebuchet
6. LEGO USB crank charger
7. LEGO air conditioner
8. LEGO barcode scanner
9. LEGO ultrasonic sonar
10. LEGO Rubik’s cube
11. LEGO difference engine
12. LEGO yarn winder
13. LEGO NES case mod
14. LEGO SNEX mod
15. LEGO Han Solo in carbonite
16. LEGO desk
17. LEGO MP3 player docks
18. LEGO MP3 player
19. LEGO salt and pepper shakers
20. LEGO rubber band gun
21. LEGO computer case
22. LEGO stop-action music videos
23. LEGO construction software

My subconscious is playing games with me!

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At our usual Friday night gathering at the pub…errr Company Bonding session, we were discussing the 80s, growing up and our earliest memories. It was interesting that neither Nat, Todd or I could actually recall what was our first memory. It was more of a series of images/thoughts that melded together with no sense of time. But I shared two memories of mine when I was really young either aged 6 or 7. And one involved getting injured, and having to take myself up like 10 flight of stairs (well it seemed that way at that age) and the other when I one a raffle and received a massive box of mixed lollies. I decided to share but by the time that everyone had their fill, I was left with no lollies! Todd pointed out that that is why my blog is called Mixed Lollies. I get to have all the lollies I want…well virutally anyway.

Cheer, cheer the Red and the White

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I’m not one to really get that excited about advertising campaigns anymore. It’s terrible to think that, but I have been working in the industry for a few years and therefore are exposed to campaigns everyday. But there is one campaign at the moment that I really love. It speaks to me as a fan of the Sydney Swans, and I think that it portrays the personalities of the team perfectly. If you don’t know what I am talking about, or haven’t seen any of the creative I am referring to the Barry Hall Hall. Promoting AFL and the Sydney Swans, with Big Bad Barry as the ‘headmaster’ of the Hall. I think they are not just entertaining ads, they are personifying a team and ensuring the people actually feel for the different players. Here are the TVCs…

Astronaut: A Flickr generated project

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Thanks to both Infosthetics and Avoision for this. Avoision has used Flickr’s API search functionality to populate the lyrics of a song. He’s created this project called Astronaut, it’s innovative as it is not just a widget, it’s someone actually creating content that will never be the same everytime you watch it as each time the Flash file is loaded, new images are randomly pulled from Flickr use keywords in the song as trigger points.

I suppose the difficult question is whether this breaches copyright, privacy and permission or whether it is seen as more of a collaboration using creative commons?

The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers!

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Normally when you revisit cartoons from your childhood, they tend to be a bit of a disappointment (think Voltron, He-man, She-ra). Now the Adrenalini Brothers is probably a lot more recent than my childhood, but I don’t think the effect has worn off. I love it. They don’t speak english, and yet you understand what they are saying. They are little gems that brighten up my day! Love a good cartoon.

I too have been Tagged

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There’s been a train of conversation spurned from Katie Chatfield, and Adam has posted a response, so I thought I’d get my ass into gear (does that push my classification up?) and write about the 8 things I know:

1. When Pigeon’s walk faster, their heads move at the same rhythm. Hours of fun for me…
2. Comedy is my drug. I would rather watch 3 hours of standup than 5 seconds of Neighbours/Home & Away etc
3. Blogging has allowed me to keep a record of the things that I love. It has also taught me discipline (I know a bit silly and left of field). When I used to have journals, I would write in them for a couple of weeks and get bored
4. People’s journeys fascinate me. I love hearing about where people have come from and  how they have got to where they are. I think that’s why I love reading so much.
5. You can’t beat noodles on a cold winter’s day. I will eat them til I die
6. Clients are people too. I had to put a work one in there. But sometimes when you refer to them as the client, you forget that they are individuals.
7. All the good food in my life that I like (this mainly refers to junk food and stuff that is bad for you) gets discontinued! Ruffles, samboys, taffy, Arnotts choc chip & hazelnut bite sized biccies, my first, second and third favourite instant noodles…the list goes on to the point where my brother gets worried when I like things he does…
8. Finally, lucky number 8, I have been blessed, because the choices that I have made in life have led me to meet and work with some of the most inspiring, talented, friendly, charming and wonderful people.

I decided to put only one of my quirky habits…can you guess which one? I have plenty…I don’t want to look like a weirdo 🙂

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