Care for a game of Chair Jousting?

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I listen to the Russell Howard and Jon Richardson show quite a lot to take my mind off things, and one of their segments is called Bored Games. Which is pretty self-explanatory. They are games that you either invent or play when you are bored. One such game came up that I found hilarious, as they attempted to do it on radio, and being such a visual game you had to rely on the sounds instead (and your imagination).

So what is it? Well, you need office chairs, the ones with wheels. You need to find either two walls, or two corners opposite each other. One opponent to go in one corner, the other opponent in the other, backs facing each other. Then the adjudicator will blow the whistle, and both players are to push off their corners and zoom towards each other and hit the backs of their chairs in the middle. The winner is the one who does not spiral out of control.

I would like to get this up and running at our work, as I believe we have the perfect chairs, but since it is an open plan office it might be slightly difficult (not many walls/corners opposite each other). I think Health & Safety might also have something to say about it.

I do know there is a more hardcore version, which is when you actually get brooms and use them as Joust sticks but not sure if I really want to do this one … a bit too much in the flavour of Jackass.


Due South! … Interesting

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My blog is all about finding stuff that I deem interesting, so it is fantastic that a couple of lovely ladies from work are involved in Interesting South. Katie and Nat are joining a cast of people from communications backgrounds to talk about stuff that they find interesting  and inspiring. Okay, before you switch off and think, oh gosh another one of the those darn marketing conferences, this is not going to be one of those events. They have a mix of speakers and topics ranging from:

Tim Noonan, Visionary Communications: Beyond Body Language
Matt Moore: How to make a zombie
Juan Mann, (aka Free Hugs Man): Open arms and open homes
Dan Hill: The well-tempered personal environment
Martin Mischkulnig: Smalltown Australia
Pia van Gelder : Dork-bot
Dr Adrienne Withall Primary Dementia Collaborative Research Centre: What is this thing called Happiness?
Melinda Lawrence:T extile design & Interpretive Dance
John McWhorter: Moose dancing
Lauren Brown: How To Not Feel Like A Twat When Looking at Modern Art
Samantha Graham: Speaking the world into being 
Tim Longhurst:Taking it to the Streets
Dr. Tim Baynes, environmental scientist: It’s NotRocket Surgery
Gavin Heaton: Looking Through the Eyes of a Child
Katie Chatfield:How to Learn a Language
Errol Flanagan, Euro RSCG Sydney : What is Green?
And more!

So check it out on Thursday, 22nd November 2007 From 6pm – 9:30pm Bondi Pavilion Theatre Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi Beach NSW 2026

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