Had to put this up!

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before I forget this. Must share with the world and hopefully in a couple of years I can look this up and laugh.


Brands go underground

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I read about this great initiative supported (funded) by 5boro, Zoo York, Volcom and Red Bull on EMERGE http://emerge.influxinsights.com/.

It’s an indoor skate park for skaters to go to to escape the crap weather whenever it hits. The catch is that it is a private skate park, which means you need a key. Only the people with the keys can use it. It’s great to see brands acknowledge the need for a place like this, and also maintaining the level of “underground” or “coolness” by keeping a secret access policy.

Do we need to drive everywhere?

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With all the talk of global warming that’s going on, I saw this powerful expression of the influence of emissions on the world on information aesthetics http://www.infosthetics.com/ interesting stuff.

Frank & Studiooat

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When I was in Paddington I saw a couple of really cool artists. Amazing pieces of work. Both incredibly different. One very graphicy, cartoony almost and the other more expressionistic work. I won’t post their work on there but check them out at:

www.frankfable.com and www.myspace.com/studiooat

 I will be pur-chasing their work for myself this time!

Engagements and Rainbows

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Really strange weekend, I ran around Paddington trying to find a fantabulous present for my good friend. Eventually found something, which I hope they both will love. The Saturday (engagement day) was lovely, sunny, warm, beautiful. Then Sunday the rains came. And with that brought this beautiful rainbow. I haven’t seen one in a long time…so it was a novelty. And unfortunately I couldn’t capture it but this was in fact a double rainbow!! Not one, but two overarching each other. Gorgeous.

Just an empty desk…

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Empty Desk

Look at it! So sad. James over in Thailand being fabulous, his desk looks very empty and just way too tidy. I will just have to begin sticking pictures and other things over towards his side!

Just a big thanks to James, he has been an absolute inspiration to me! I never would have thought I would get to work with someone who was able to think outside the box, and creatively every single time. And who has given me the chance to step up, and think creatively as well. It was great fun!!

Edward Hopper meets Starbucks

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defaced cafe IIOriginally uploaded by t-squared.

I love the original image, and love how it has been upgraded to a more “tasteful” 20th century adaptation

Simple, great, music video

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Gotye: Hearts a Mess.

By the lovely people at PictureDrift http://www.picturedrift.com.au/news.php Brendan Cook.

Lift Ménage a trois

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Saw this in a car par, she looks a bit awkward there in the middle. I did get the giggles…any takers, it’s at Acer Arena

Chilly not as hot as what it used to be?

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Went to the Chilli Peppers last night. I am one of those fans who like the old stuff. In otherwords I don’t have the last two albums. I realised how much more fun a concert is when you know the words to songs. The graphics in the background took my attention more, and more as the night went on. There were a few self-indulgent guitar solos thrown in. But I think if I was someone who hadn’t bought the last two albums and paid $150 to see them…i probably would have been disappointed.

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