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When Fosters took over sponsorship of the former Perrier awards in Edinburgh I am sure they thought it was quite straight forward. Coming from an advertising background, I can just imagine the meetings required to ‘brainstorm’ this sponsorship.

Random Fosters Marketing person: “Guys, how can we make this bigger and better?¬†How can we make sure we make our mark and stop people from continuing to bloody call it the Perrier awards!”

Agency creative: “Why not we celebrate 30 years of the awards and get the public to vote and crown the comedy god of the last 30 years of the Edinburgh fringe.”

Cue, lots of applause.

Not a bad idea, pretty straight forward, doing something different and fresh for a long time, job done. Who would have thought that a public voted competition, that for a brand does not look in anyway risky, would cause a bit of controversy.

It all started with Stewart Lee, who expressed his disgust at the competition particularly as it doesn’t recognise the acts that aren’t the superstars, who don’t get the recognition or the publicity that the big acts do. Read the letter to the awards producer here.

This began the twitter and facebook campaign to get the Japanese musical group Frank Chickens (as mentioned in Lee’s email) to the top of the tree, and crowned Comedy God.

Well, it seems to have worked. Frank Chickens, after more than 30,000 people have voted, are to be immortalised in Fosters beer cans. Albeit in a specially commissioned artwork. They ended up making pieces of the top four voted acts, so Fosters at least got to make works of the superstars namely, Michael McIntyre, Tim Minchin and Russell Howard rather than just Frank Chickens. Interestingly though that the other comedians in the top 4 are all of this generation. Really? Top 4 comedians that have ever been nominated for the awards in the last 30 years have been from the last few years? Hmmm, find that hard to believe.

But I suppose, this is a strange story in brand sponsorships and treading the line of credibility. If Perrier had held this competition, when they were sponsors, would they have witnessed the same backlash? Maybe not. The winners I suppose out of all of this has been Frank Chickens. I was one of the people who hadn’t heard of them until this controversy had come along.


No wait, Russell Howard also dressed up as a French Maid

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Ok, this has made me put my hands over my mouth, laugh and giggle. What fun.

Jon Richardson dressed up as an air hostess

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Alright, so I post crap on here all the time. I have previously reported on the forfeits that the Russell Howard and Jon Richardson show have put in place when either loses the news quiz (a regular feature with true and false questions). Well for once Jon lost! So his forfeit was to dress as a woman. Here he is looking beautiful as an air hostess. Personally I think he looks like he’s in a marching band or one of those monkeys with the cymbals.


When my favourite radio show runs into make-up

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If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know about my love for the Russell Howard and Jon Richardson show on BBC 6music. Their latest feature is a News Quiz, where Russell (or Jon) asks Jon (or Russell) true or false questions. The loser must complete the forfeit. So far the forfeits have been, the loser must wear a suit (Russell), the loser must bake a cake (Russell – Banoffe pie) and this week’s forfeit the loser must wear make-up (Russell). The video above is Russell as Jon puts it ‘looking like a whore’. Next week, the loser must arrive at the show with a head to toe fake tan (Russell lost again). So far Russ ain’t doin too good! Man I love this show.

35912_2.jpg 35690_2.jpg 34991_2.jpg

Care for a game of Chair Jousting?

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I listen to the Russell Howard and Jon Richardson show quite a lot to take my mind off things, and one of their segments is called Bored Games. Which is pretty self-explanatory. They are games that you either invent or play when you are bored. One such game came up that I found hilarious, as they attempted to do it on radio, and being such a visual game you had to rely on the sounds instead (and your imagination).

So what is it? Well, you need office chairs, the ones with wheels. You need to find either two walls, or two corners opposite each other. One opponent to go in one corner, the other opponent in the other, backs facing each other. Then the adjudicator will blow the whistle, and both players are to push off their corners and zoom towards each other and hit the backs of their chairs in the middle. The winner is the one who does not spiral out of control.

I would like to get this up and running at our work, as I believe we have the perfect chairs, but since it is an open plan office it might be slightly difficult (not many walls/corners opposite each other). I think Health & Safety might also have something to say about it.

I do know there is a more hardcore version, which is when you actually get brooms and use them as Joust sticks but not sure if I really want to do this one … a bit too much in the flavour of Jackass.

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