I am officially Crap at the Environment

September 23, 2007 at 11:16 pm | Posted in Comedy | 4 Comments
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 I am looking to release my inner hippie. It’s quite funny, up until now I haven’t really been interested, or looking to actively do anything about the environment. It’s not like I don’t care. I do. I recycle my paper, I turn off the lights, I even dig trees (not literally) but for some reason nothing has really gotten me to actually actively take an interest. Until Now! One of my favourite comedians has begun a movement for people like me. Mark Watson (of Mock the Week fame, of Rove Live fame, of the Melbourne Comedy Festival fame), has set up a group called “Crap at the Environment” or CATE for short. It’s for people who are concerned about the environment, and climate change, but until now have been “completely or fairly shit at doing anything about it”.

What I love about this movement, is that he is taking a different approach to driving forward a serious matter. It has struck a chord with me, through keeping it light hearted, fun, interesting and NOT BORING! Trying to heal the world through laughter…of sorts.

Like a social movement on ADD, they are trying to keep momentum going by doing a number of different things in order to maintain interest. Blogs, events, stunts, personal experiments and so forth. Myspace page, Facebook, Livejournal and website. All with the aim to keep it FUN! He is also participating in a 3 day seminar while he is in Australia with Al Gore, on climate change to gain a better understanding of climate change and why it is so important. He has also offset his flight by buying carbon credits. He has highlighted his concerns about this barter system, and I tend to agree. I am not 100% convinced that buying carbon credits is a way to save the world. It seems like paying for your excess, and not changing your behaviour, just paying to make your conscience feel better. Additionally, with any of these schemes, you don’t actually know what you are paying for. When you buy carbon credits, what does that mean? Mark mentions that it goes towards research on global warming, but that money won’t be spent now. And how do you know it is actually been put to use? I think it would be better to plant a whole lot of trees, or actively donating money to charities.

Currently CATE are undertaking or have undertaken the following projects:

The Trash Bash (using recycled instruments to create a production)
– Pimp my Patch (you get to adopt a plant!)
Green Feet (29th June 2007, a disco full of comedy and burlesque to raise money for CATE, including the wearing of recycled clothes)
– Mark Watson’s 24 hour jamboree to Save the Planet (Edinburgh, 14th August 2007 a day-long show with an environmental theme)
– they’ve also set up weekly challenges that they are encouraging people to take up

Mark will be going around Sydney on the 25th September filming a pilot for a TV show (believed to be on the subject), and is encouraging any Sydney siders to come along and join in. He is releasing details soon, and I am going to try to be part of the festivities. So I will report back once back I find out more info (if he puts it up on his myspace) and tag along.



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  1. check in n out now n then, you make some interesting and warranted thoughts. hope lifes treating you well, and find it strange that im writing to a stranger. dont generally do that…….p.s. how shit i broke my ankle a couple of days ago, am waiting for operation.

  2. I tend to agree with you on writing to strangers, especially for me reading comments from strangers on my blog. My blog is a personal one (in that it is not professional), and therefore I treat it more like a diary or scrapbook, so to have people comment is a little strange for me too!

    Thanks for checking in anyway, and hope everything is going well for you too!

  3. An update on Mark Watson, unfortunately he didn’t post any details on his Wednesday fun filled day, so didn’t get to go along. I am however, keen on taking on those challenges, and tracking my progress.

    PS looking forward to his show on the weekend

  4. Hello!

    When I log into wordpress it tells me who’s linked to the CATE page, which is a bit weird as it leads to some mild stalking. Just wanted to say though, thank you for pimping it out and if you do end up blogging about any of the CATE challenges or events, drop me an email and we can add your blogs to the site. If you’d like that, of course.

    Miriam (web-elfing it up for CATE).

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