Facebook etiquette

August 17, 2007 at 9:35 am | Posted in hmmm | Leave a comment

A colleague of mine pointed something out that I found to be quite a conundrum, or perhaps more of a minor dilemma. On Facebook *ahem* stalkerbook (in the nicest possible way), what happens when someone changes a piece of their personal information, so that everyone in their Facebook network can see it? I am referring more to the changing of their relationship status…In her situation, someone married became single. In mine, someone single is no longer. What do you do? Particularly in the case of the former married. Do you wait for them to say something to you? Or do you send a message “I see your relationship status has changed”. And what a way to find out news. That it gets announced on Facebook before you get told by the actual person.

It made me actually think about my own network, and what information I am willing to actually share with them. Is that really the best way to find out about news, will we lose that more personal touch, or is it great, because we are still keeping tabs on people whom we would hear news of through the grape vine anyway.

I mean in both cases, I think my colleague and I would agree that we would have found out eventually, it’s just strange now that personal news can be broadcast so instantaneously.


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