DIY LEGO to celebrate building blocks for 75 years

August 14, 2007 at 2:06 pm | Posted in fun, games | 1 Comment


LEGO celebrates it’s 75th anniversary, can you believe it? Something so simple as building blocks has remained in the market and remained memorable for that long. Well what a better way to celebrate it’s versatility and ability to spark the imagination than to build a whole range of different products that use LEGO. DIY Life have taken this to a new level. They have built 23 items that ALL WORK including:

1. LEGO Guitar Hero controller
2. LEGO real guitar
3. LEGO USB flash drive
4. LEGO dog treat dispenser via IM message
5. LEGO trebuchet
6. LEGO USB crank charger
7. LEGO air conditioner
8. LEGO barcode scanner
9. LEGO ultrasonic sonar
10. LEGO Rubik’s cube
11. LEGO difference engine
12. LEGO yarn winder
13. LEGO NES case mod
14. LEGO SNEX mod
15. LEGO Han Solo in carbonite
16. LEGO desk
17. LEGO MP3 player docks
18. LEGO MP3 player
19. LEGO salt and pepper shakers
20. LEGO rubber band gun
21. LEGO computer case
22. LEGO stop-action music videos
23. LEGO construction software


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  1. […] Not just a LEGO Guitar Hero controller, but even more LEGO things can be found and MADE, here: DIY LEGO to celebrate building blocks for 75 years […]

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