My subconscious is playing games with me!

August 11, 2007 at 9:58 pm | Posted in Me | Leave a comment

At our usual Friday night gathering at the pub…errr Company Bonding session, we were discussing the 80s, growing up and our earliest memories. It was interesting that neither Nat, Todd or I could actually recall what was our first memory. It was more of a series of images/thoughts that melded together with no sense of time. But I shared two memories of mine when I was really young either aged 6 or 7. And one involved getting injured, and having to take myself up like 10 flight of stairs (well it seemed that way at that age) and the other when I one a raffle and received a massive box of mixed lollies. I decided to share but by the time that everyone had their fill, I was left with no lollies! Todd pointed out that that is why my blog is called Mixed Lollies. I get to have all the lollies I want…well virutally anyway.


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