I like Harry Potter…so what are you going to do about it?

July 21, 2007 at 9:14 pm | Posted in books, Comedy | Leave a comment

As I am working through the weekend, I have sitting next to me the latest Harry Potter book. Yes I am one of those suckers who have been caught up in the hooplah. I mean I have invested a lot of time in it so I may as well see it through. I’m not a quitter. It is hilarious thinking about the 6 books and remembering exactly what happens in all of them. I have to say, I read the first 4 books to death, but the last two (the longest!) I didn’t read again. Sooo when I started to read the 7th and final, I realised what the hell is going on! I don’t remember what happens. What the hell is a horcrux, who the hell is R.A.B and why does Harry have a locket…hang on he has a thing for Ginny? Well the BBC has helped me out in this case by asking people to summarise the first 6 books in 100 words. They had more than a thousand people write in, and have published the top 6. Here are my favourites:

From Gillian Iverson, Hong Kong:

“Harry and his posse gots ta eliminate gangsta V-Man and his evil yet sexeh followers lest they destroy the world. V-Man has already got Harry’s posse members shot down (family, godfather, Dumble-D), and it’s a-time for revenge!
Harry and crew has got to cruise ’round the hood to find V-Man’s treasures to destroy, and only then can they take him on and blast his ass! Pow!

Hermione and Ron want to hook-up, but feel that Harry’s hollah is more important at the moment, which is way cool, but Harry ain’t bovvered, because he knows that luuurve will get him through.”

 From Emma Pearson, Nottingham

Harry:  : D
Harry:  : )
Harry:  : |
Harry:  : /
Harry:  : (
Harry:  : ‘  “


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