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June 28, 2007 at 10:26 pm | Posted in games | Leave a comment


I have been neglecting my blog because I’ve been busy, and have been focusing my attention to facebook. My Bad! However, I am currently watching a program on the ABC called Gamer Revolution which essentially discusses all of the trends that are emerging in the digital game market.

They focused on one game that was developed by the US army. It’s called America’s Army. The army approached game developers to make this game rather than employing a creative or digital agency. Their aim was to recruit the youth market, particularly deliberately attracting the digital gamers/youth to the army through the creation of a digital game with direct link to recruitment. So the people are playing the game, and enjoying the experience, and they are one click away from finding more information/registering interest.

The game is available through free download at the site. I suppose the concern is the fact that people are playing these games, and people are signing up for the army without possibly conceiving how different the virtual experience is to the realities of real life and the consequences associated with all of the actions that are made. If you die you can’t restart the level…unless of course there’s something people aren’t telling me.

From a brand perspective, this game development is a natural fit between the army and “shooting/simulation” based games. I was actually surprised that it hadn’t been done before, or that it hadn’t been implemented by other military forces. It just seemed like an obvious link to attract a younger market. It was noted that the America’s Army game has been downloaded more than 7 mil times, resulting in the US army meeting their recruitment goals. Out of all brands that have been involved in games development and partnership, the US army is the single biggest partner in the game industry in US.



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