Adventure Session

June 1, 2007 at 11:02 am | Posted in fun, media | 2 Comments

Recently Todd got our whole office to Tweet on twitter. Now I have to say, I am not 100% convinced of the power of Twitter. I think we are using it for the wrong reasons. Designed to be a forum for you to say this is what I am doing just so people can keep track of you. But we have been using it as a chat room/IM. So I think because of that we compare it to MSN Messenger etc.

Anyway that was part of his adventure session. We got the option to choose what we wanted to do. Consumer sessions, media sessions etc. Well I was more interested in doing a creative session. So I am looking at learning a musical instrument. I think I will need to do a video diary of my progress or vlog. Then perhaps a performance to make it more appropriate. One of my colleagues signed up to RSVP, it was great, we turned it into a social exercise. Everyone crowded round her computer everyday to check her profile!

So not sure what instrument to play. My ideal would be to play the violin, but feel this is high unachievable for the amount of time we probably have. So I was thinking of going with the guitar…what do you think?



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  1. I agree with you. It wasn’t really embraced as a ‘micro blogging’ tool.

    More importantly though, if you want to make quick progress, go with the violin.

    But if you don’t live by yourself, go with the guitar.

    Unless they also play the violin, in which case, violin.

    But if it’s all about the longer term – and you’re a bit of a rock chick – I’d go with the guitar.

    Rock on.

  2. haha i think we probably just need to readjust what we use it for? Use it in a range of tools?

    Really? Do you think the Violin is quickers? Wow. No I have a range of people around me, who probably wouldn’t want to hear me play Mary had a little lamb…very badly!

    I suppose it is not as if I can’t play one or the other at some point in time. So I guess its just picking between the two. I think I will probably go with guitar…and yes rock on and all that.

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