A day in the life of generation…X,MTV,Y,Z??

June 1, 2007 at 12:32 am | Posted in media, video | 1 Comment

Someone at work: Hi Laura
Me: Hi!
Someone at work: you’re young right
Me: well i dunno. I guess. If you think being born in the 80s in young.
Someone at work: yep. So you’re our representative of Gen Y
Me: Am I? I thought they were a good 5 years younger than me
Someone at work: Close enough…How do you do a podcast?
Me: I’m not sure I don’t even own an iPod (I do now btw)
Someone: yes but you’re techie you’d know. 
Me: I don’t know, I’ve never done if before. You probably need to ask someone who has an iPod
Someone: just show me
Me: Seriously I don’t know!
Someone: ok, i’ll google it. Now can you show me how to download a video off youtube?

Being born in 80s has its draw backs. I get asked a lot of questions about things that Gen Y people know how to do. I don’t mind these questions, because usually it gets me to start investigating how to produce a podcast, upload a video on youtube, download a video on youtube etc. So what I thought I’d do is, as the representative of Gen Y at work, I’d track a day in the life of my media consumption:

7.15am wake up…crap no time to do anything other than get ready and leave
7.45am leave the house, scab lift off parents, don’t listen to radio…don’t like it
7.53am Arrive at train station…do I pull out my N91 and listen to music before the train gets here? Yes…
7.57am train journey. Didn’t bring my book, damnit. Pull out my N91 and switch from music to video. Watching episodes of Mock the Week (UK show not available in Australia!)
8.35am arrive at central station, switch off the videos, put the phone away and walk to surry hills
8.45am arrive at work and turn on computer. Whilst computer turning on go to kitchen, make a cup of tea and peanut butter on toast.
8.55am come back…computer still turning on…so slow. Login to email. Login to MSN Messenger, Login to Twitter as requested by Todd
9.00am read emails…delete email newsletters that i signed up for and don’t read. Save videos that people have sent me for later
9.00am check my blog, think about what to write. Come back to it later.
9.30am check out the video on youtube that everyone talked about at work from the Chaser the night before. An in-joke at work with the Veronicas
11am right it’s too quiet in here. Headphones on and stream my youtube playlist. No not watch it. Just listen to it. I’m not a fan of radio streaming.
11.30am got a meeting
12.30 go get some food, read some of my fav blogs while trying to eat Laksa
2pm more meetings
3pm back with the headphones
5pm read some more blogs then back to work
6.30pm last one check of twitter and then leave to head home
6.40pm get to station. Train not around for another 15 mins! Don’t feel safe bringing out the phone. Stare off into space.
6.55pm get on train and pull out the mobile. Yes will watch some music video clips
7.45 get home dump stuff, have a shower
8.30pm finally have dinner. open the laptop. check the tv guide. NOTHING ON. watch tv clips from various sites. Loving how I can watch Lee Mack, Mock the Week, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Demetri Martin online.
10.30pm turn on TV and watch Amazing Race All Stars (I already know the winner. Australia is delayed…damnit!)
11.30pm go to bed

it’s funny I suppose the most Gen Y thing I do is based around video. My brother doesn’t even watch TV anymore. He is on his laptop all the time. Playing games, or watching videos. I don’t do the whole myspace thing. My blog is myspace. I only go there to listen to music. But even then I hate the fact that you have to keep pressing PLAY! It’s such an interruption. But I’ll save that rant for another day.


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