May 10, 2007 at 8:42 am | Posted in Film | 2 Comments

Finally, after 9 months of pre-production, production and post production, i saw a short film I produced up on the big screen. A lot of the cast and crew were there to witness the moment. It was great seeing everyone, but caused me to reflect. All of us were brought together to help make this short. We all share that one experience, that no one outside of that group will ever know. And we all won’t work together as a group ever again. It’s like that with holidays with tour groups. You always say, yeah I’ll keep in touch. I have done it on all occassions (my bad) and wish I had a bit more diligence. But then someone said to me..sorry don’t remember who…it’s not about trying to keep in touch with everyone. It’s about the experience that you all shared at that point in time. Which is why I thought I’d blog this. Just so that in a couple of years I’ll look back and go, hey I was part of something special whether or not the end product is good or not.



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  1. I love this thought lollygirl. It rocks. The power of a moment, if strong enough can last a lifetime. From what I know of the experience you went through, this one will last for you.

    I had a moment recently… it involved ‘champagne for everyone’, but thats another story!

    ps. how can we get to see your film?

  2. Absolutely, I began feeling really guilty because I didn’t stay in touch with people, and didn’t keep in contact. But it’s not about that is it.

    Code Word: “Champagne!!” Remember Thailand in 6 months time….*rubbing hands* we’ll make it happen

    ps. I’ve presented a number of ‘strategies’ if you will on how to get the film shown without any money. So we will see. It might end up online instead..i will let you know!

    pps. piece of trivia, our lead actor is now the yellow power ranger in the new power rangers series…

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