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Wow what a self-indulgent title. But this is the start of it. And what a way to start by using a photo i saw on another blog!

Well i thought i’d delve straight into it with some work related stuff. Went to a research presentation with the lovely katie ( and was really quite disappointed. They had one of the most interesting topics. Youth! And it was supported and backed by two really cool brands. We all excited, and ready to be wowed… it didn’t happen. I think they were trying to get us interested in what research they have done, but didn’t give us enough meat to bite on. So we were left wondering, hmmm well the free drinks and food is nice. We started thinking about companies that present research to us planners and strategists and whether they actually know what we want to hear.

 I’m still fairly new to the whole planning/strategy business, and looking back on all of the media presentations I have been to, I don’t think I have been wowed once. It actually makes me appreciate the people who can put together presentations that are entertaining, interesting and insightful and make me go wow. So what will keep my attention from wondering from the powerpoint screen and to the exit (i’ll just do 3 otherwise this will go on forever)…

1. humour! I love it. I can’t get enough. Everybody does, and even if it is a serious subject there is still room to be funny. Rachel (here at work) mentions that if it is a boring presentation of data findings she tends to throw in an anecdote to make things interesting such as “and did you know that 5% of Men aged 25-39 feel scared and alone”

2. which brings me to entertaining. They kind of go hand in hand. If it’s funny, it’s entertaining. But I suppose you could have an entertaining presentation without it being funny

3. insightful, if data is presented give me something to move off. Explain how it fits in day to day life, show me how i can take it and run.

And that is that, anyone else?

don’t worry i won’t make a habit of this work stuff, more randomness on the way tomorrow.



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  1. Hello Lovely!Quite pleased to be able to be the first comment on you blog:
    – I thought that the event we went to was able to deliver an example of the powerful interrupt that can happen between insight and the delivery of a brand experience.
    e.g. We were presented with data that ‘proved’ that people who are under the age of 30 have a huge preference for clear spirits and are turning away from wine and beer. Who was in the audience: planners mostly under 35. What was behind the bar? Wine and spirits.
    Research is important, but data just lives on the page unless t can be translated into ACTIONABLE insights that DELIVER brand experience.

  2. Who is this ranting Katie Chatfiled person? She sounds like someone who would come to work with carpetburns on her knees.

  3. shhhhh you’ll sully her reputation

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